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How to choose a good CNC woodworking machine

           With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of building decoration and furniture industry, CNC woodworking machines are also widely used in the field of wood machining. Looking back on the 20-year development of CNC woodworking machine tools in the field of wood processing in China, its universal application is only more than ten years. Since the 1980s, Japan Zhuangda woodworking machinery exhibited a CNC woodworking machine prototype in China, China has successively developed the first, second, third, fourth and fifth generations of CNC woodworking machines with Chinese characteristics that meet the national conditions. CNC woodworking lathe plays an important role in use. Compared with ordinary wood door lathe, CNC wood door lathe has the characteristics of high efficiency and high accuracy. It is the main method for modern wood processing enterprises to improve economic efficiency.

Hongxiang woodworking machinery reminds you that to buy a CNC equipment with good performance, we should analyze it mainly in the following aspects:

1. Reasonably select cutting parameters. Whether the selection of cutting parameters is reasonable or not plays a very important role in whether the potential of machine tools and the cutting performance of tools can be fully brought into play, and whether high-quality, high-yield, low-cost and safe operation can be realized. The selection principle of turning parameters is: when turning rough, first consider selecting a back draft as large as possible, then select a larger feed, and determine a suitable cutting speed after Zui.

2. The selection of cutting tools, especially blades, is an important link to ensure machining quality and improve machining efficiency. The cutting performance of the part material, the blank allowance, the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the workpiece, and the automation degree of the machine tool are all important bases for selecting the blade.

3. CNC lathe can also be used for rough and fine turning. Therefore, during rough turning, it is necessary to select tools with high strength and good durability, so as to meet the requirements of large back draft and large feed during rough turning. When finishing turning, select tools with high accuracy and good durability to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy. In addition, in order to reduce the time for tool change and facilitate tool setting, machine clamped tools and machine clamped blades should be used as far as possible. The way of clamping the blade should be selected reasonably. Coated cemented carbide blade is better for blade Zui.

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