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Installation and commissioning of CNC woodworking machine tools

CNC machine tools should undergo all necessary inspections before leaving the factory, and only after passing the inspection can they leave the factory.For medium and large-scale CNC machine tools, due to the large size of the machine tool, it is not convenient to transport, and it must be transported to the user separately after disintegration, and then reassembled and debugged before it can be used.For small machine tools, there is no need to disassemble the machine tool during transportation, so the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the machine tool are relatively simple.After the machine tool reaches the user, it can be put into use after simple connection, machine tool adjustment and trial cutting, and the required tools are relatively simple.

1 Installation of CNC woodworking machine tools

1.1 Basic installation requirements

①The machine tool should be placed in a suitable location.

②The installation of CNC woodworking machine tools should meet the requirements of mechanization, automation and continuity in the production process. Precision instruments and tools and advanced operating methods should be used, and strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant technical documents, so that the installation project can fully meet the design standards.

1.2 Basic content of installation

1.2.1 Basic design and construction

According to the dimensions, quality and technical requirements of the machine tool, the foundation of the machine tool is reasonably designed and constructed.After the machine tool is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled in a free state, and then the anchor bolts should be evenly locked.For high-precision CNC woodworking machine tools, the horizontal accuracy shall not exceed 0.04/1000.

The measurement and installation accuracy should be carried out at a constant temperature, and the measuring tool should be used after a period of constant temperature.When installing the machine tool, the installation method that causes forced deformation of the machine tool should be avoided, and certain parts should not be removed casually, because the disassembly of the parts may cause the internal stress of the machine tool to be redistributed, thereby affecting the accuracy of the machine tool.

1.2.2 Power connection

The power supply connection of the machine tool is a very important link. If it is not done well, it will have serious consequences. Attention must be paid to the confirmation of the input voltage and frequency when connecting.At present, the power supply voltage in our country is three-phase AC 380V and single-phase 220V.Domestic machine tools generally use three-phase 380V and 50Hz power supply, while imported machine tools may have different power supply methods from domestic machine tools, but the machine tools are equipped with power transformers, and users can choose accordingly according to their requirements.At the same time, check whether the power supply fluctuates, and if there is any fluctuation, a voltage regulator should be installed.In addition, when installing the machine tool, it is necessary to confirm the phase sequence of the power supply. The wrong phase sequence may cause the fuse of the control unit to fuse.The phase sequence can be checked with the phase sequence table. If an error is found, just swap any two power cords in the UVW three-phase.

2the necessity of debugging and performance inspection of CNC woodworking machine tools

CNC woodworking machine tools are the basic equipment of modern wood machining. With the widespread application and popularization of woodworking machine tools, the acceptance of machine tools has received more and more attention, but many users have prejudices against the acceptance of CNC woodworking machine tools.The main purpose of the inspection of the new machine tool is to determine whether the machine tool meets the technical indicators and whether the parts can be accurately processed in accordance with the predetermined goals.Under normal circumstances, the acceptance of a new machine tool is determined by processing a representative part to determine whether it can pass the acceptance.When the machine tool is used to specifically process a certain kind of part, this acceptance method is acceptable.However, for general-purpose CNC woodworking machine tools, this inspection method of cutting parts cannot accurately judge the manufacturing accuracy of the machine tool. Only by inspecting the geometric accuracy and positional accuracy of the machine tool can the manufacturing accuracy of the machine tool itself be reflected.On the basis of the qualified accuracy of these two items, the processing inspection of specific parts can only reflect the processing performance of the machine tool itself.For new machine tools installed on the production line, it is also necessary to judge the working ability and accuracy of the machine tool through the assessment of the process ability and production beat.However, in the actual inspection work, many users ignore the inspection of the accuracy of the machine tool during the acceptance of the new machine tool, and mistakenly believe that the machine tool can pass the acceptance as long as the test-processed parts pass the inspection. These users often ignore the following issues::

①The new machine tool arrives at the site through the transportation link. Due to the vibration and deformation generated during the transportation process, its level reference is likely to be different from the state at the time of the factory inspection. The accuracy at this time may deviate from the accuracy at the time of the factory inspection.

② Since the position accuracy detection elements (such as encoders, gratings, etc.) are directly installed on the screw and bed of the machine tool, they must also be adjusted when in use.

③The deviation of the position accuracy obtained by the inspection can be compensated by the error compensation software of the CNC woodworking machine tool, thereby improving the position accuracy of the machine tool.

④Changes in the external environment (such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.) will also affect the position accuracy.Only by inspecting the new machine tool on the quan surface can the working performance of the machine tool be guaranteed, otherwise it will affect the installation and use accuracy of the equipment and cause greater economic losses.

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