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Common faults of CNC woodworking lathes

zui Recently, customers often ask about common faults of CNC woodworking lathes. Today, I will explain the common faults of woodworking lathes!

Fault problem 1: Single-column double-knife woodworking lathe cannot adjust the speed

The root cause of this failure problem may be a problem with the lock lever limit switch, a mechanical problem, or an oil pressure problem.

Fault problem two: The outer diameter of the single-column vertical lathe has a vibration pattern (the specific reasons for this failure problem of the single-axis double-tool vertical woodworking lathe are:)

1. The tool has become blunt, not sharp, or the outer extension of the tool holder is too long.

2. The axis gap is too large or too small.

3. There is a problem with the spindle bearing, or the center frame is not adjusted well.

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