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Double axis four knife CNC woodworking lathe

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Hxmc / II-S series

Product model                                         HXMC/II-1000s                HXMC/II-1500s               HXMC/II-2000s
Overall dimension (length x width x height mm)  2500x1000x1300   3000x1000x1300  3500x1000x1300
Main motor  kw                                                        5.5                                   5.5                                    5.5
Net weight of main engine kg                                1600                                1800                                  2000
Single shaft rotation diameter mm                          300                                  300                                    300
Double shaft rotation diameter mm                        160                                  160                                    160
Processing length mm                                      20-1000                           20-1500                             20-2000
Total power kw                                                          7                                      7                                        7


High efficiency, high precision and high smoothness.

★ The turning ratio and number of layers can be set freely to meet the processing requirements of various workpieces.

★ CNC woodworking lathe is made of cast iron as a whole, which is wear-resistant and durable with good stability.

★ Double-shaft four-knife processing is adopted, the maximum rotating diameter can reach 500mm, and the processing length can reach 2m.

★ Unique processing technology design, the product workpiece has no burrs, smooth surface, and does not need too much polishing.

Drawing is simple and easy to understand.

★ The drawing is simple, supports a variety of drawing software, and facilitates the operation of people without basic knowledge.

★ The drawing is read and written by U disk to avoid input errors by untrained personnel.

★ Realize drawing input by one person and field operation by many people, and realize division of labor and cooperation between management and operation. The operating system is easy to learn and quick to use.

★ Automatic map reading can read and write quickly, and can be processed without complicated programming.

★ Professional CNC operating system can be updated by USB flash drive to realize remote writing and local operation. Application: It is widely used in solid wood furniture table and chair leg processing, stair post processing, solid wood hanger rotary cutting, home decoration design and decoration, carpentry decoration construction, vase processing, antique utensils and wooden crafts cutting and other industries.

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