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CNC sawing and milling machine

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Machining dimension1000*2500mm/1500*2500mm/2000*2500mm
Processing thickness ≤150mmTypeNonmetal
Guide slideImported linear square rail and sliderDrive screwTaiwan TBI ball screw
Gear rackImported high precision helical rackReducerPrecision planetary reducer
Spindle motor7.5kW * 2 high-speed spindle motorsPower Supply380v50HZ
Control systemSpecial three-axis CNC systemservo drivePure servo driver / servo motor
Operation interfaceThe operation interface is independently developed to simplify the operation interfaceControl applianceDelixi, Chint, Ohm
Bed structureThick walled square steel (heavier)Empty speed0-30m / min speed adjustable
Processing speed0-10m/minPressing methodPneumatic compression
Use air pressure 0.6-0.8MpaSuction portφ100

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