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CNC side hole machine

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Configuration list of double spindle side hole machine
Configuration parameter
Fuselage specification3100*1250*1300mmWorking stroke2600mm
Spindle motorAir cooled spindle * 2 setsTable height700nm
Spindle motor power3.5KV Spindle speed24000RPm/min
Empty speed15m/minProcessing speed10m/min
Drive motorPure servoDrive motor power750V+400V
Laser sensorBonner laser probe

Control system

Professional CNC system
Bar code scanning gunDual system special wireless code scanning gunGuide25 square guide rail
RackRelease rackScrewTBI lead screw
Taiwan planetBearing and oil bearing seatTaiwanese humanism
CableShanghai high flexible double sheathPneumatic componentsYadek original
MesaCarving tableElectrical main partsSchneider electric
CylinderBaroclinic cylinderLimitCustomized limit safety protection
Major functionThree in one side hole / wood pin hole / Xuan hole / fixed groove / through groove / concealed part / male and female tenon

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